Controller Works Documentation





Can you send me the design files for the hardware and software?

The software is available on our github account. The hardware design is closed source and is not publicly available. However, the pin assignments are available in the documentation.

Can I mod the keyboard?

This keyboard design is not intended for any sort of 3rd party modifications. Every effort has been made for this design to be as compact as possible, so there is no room for electonic or mechanical modifications.

What is your warranty policy?

These keyboards are hand built, nearly one of a kind objects. We realize they are very expensive and we will make every effort to get your keyboard working if there is a problem. We will initially try to troubleshoot the problem through live chat or video calls on our Discord server. If that fails to resolve the problem we will ask to have the unit sent back. This may be at your or our expense, depending on the circumstances. We will either repair the unit, or offer a replacment or refund. Returns must be authorized with an RMA letter from us. Please be aware that due to the low volume and specialty nature of these products that replacement parts or units may not be available.