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Please note that the mounting screws for the back plate are tapped directly into the aluminum case. Aluminum is a soft metal. If you remove or replace the screws you run a high risk of permanently damaging the case.

Hardware Modifications

The mini42 does not support user hardware modifications beyond the external components listed below. This is a highly integrated design that is not intended for modification by the DIY keyboard builder. There are no expansion or modification points on the board, and there is no room in the case for additional components. The components on the main board are SMD (very small and closely spaced), and are soldered using lead-free solder with a very high melting point that is not compatible with leaded solder. It is not suitable for hand soldering by a hobbyist without damaging the components. The hardware design files will not be shared for any reason. If the keyboard is damaged it will need to be serviced by Controller Works with shipping costs decided on a case-by-case basis.

Supported Modifications

I opened the case anyways. Now what?

The main board must be inserted at an angle into the case so the USB, TRRS, reset, and boot switches are not bent. Once the connectors are lined up with the openings in the case, the main board must be press fit into the board. Extreme care must be taken not to apply pressure to the OLED, LEDs, hot swap sockets, reset or boot buttons, etc when press fitting the main board into the case. When press fitting, only apply pressure to the main board PCB itself, and not to any of the components. There should be a uniform gap of 0.9mm between the top portion of the case (integrated top plate) and the main board. The back plate attaches to the mounting posts using M2x5mm screws.